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Welcome to Geochecker, a simple tool to check coordinates for geocaching puzzle caches.

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[ + ] How do I change the coordinates for a link to my geocache?

[ + ] What about statistics? What do you log?

[ + ] What about security? Is this tool safe?

[ + ] I am having trouble with the Security Code.

[ + ] What about "fuzzy" solutions? How do they work?

[ + ] I created a link before you allowed "Fuzzy" solutions. Can I change a solution from Exact to Fuzzy?

[ + ] Will "Fuzzy" solutions give away my cache location?

[ + ] Help! I lost my special cache owner links!

[ + ] I'm a cache owner, and I need to recreate my link. But I don't want to lose the stats you collect.

[ + ] Hey. Nothing works quite right. What have you done?!

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