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What is Geochecker+?

GeoChecker+ is a very inexpensive subscription service that gives you many valuable improvements over the basic GeoChecker links and solutions.

For Cache Seekers

  • No third-party banner advertisements
  • Connection with your account
  • No security checks while attempting solutions
  • Keep a list of solved puzzles with coordinate solutions
  • Add coordinate solutions for other non-GeoChecker puzzles, like a notepad for all your puzzle solutions
  • See real-time cache status on GeoChecker links to avoid needless hunts
  • Add GeoChecker links to a personal Watchlist, with email notification of changes to coordinates, URL or customized responses

For Cache Owners

  • No third-party banner advertisements
  • Connection with your account
  • New "secret code" link type (up to 64 characters, not limited to coordinates)
  • Customize solution response page by providing
    • an image
    • a link to a webpage
    • custom "You found it" text
  • Update the coordinates for an existing link as often as you wish
  • Provide unique tokens to cache seekers when they solve your puzzle
  • Receive notification of good solutions via email
  • Your GeoChecker links include a "Help me" link for cache seekers to easily connect to your profile
  • GeoChecker+ link statistics are more detailed and saved for longer than basic owner statistics
  • Automatic GeoChecker+ registration of puzzles for your own caches


GeoChecker+ is a PAID service. While GeoChecker itself is free, there is a nominal fee for the expanded services. If you have a Premium account, you're paying $36/year - so GeoChecker+ is a great deal at less than 1/6 of the price!
  • One year $5
  • Two years $8
  • Three years $10
We currently have 156 active, paid GeoChecker+ users and we've never had a single request for a refund!

When you create a new account with GeoChecker+, the first month is free so you can test out the services. If your subscription lapses, we will keep your information on file and you can rejoin at any time without losing any data or cache link customizations.

We accept payment via PayPal.
  • Pay from your PayPal account
  • Pay by credit card even if you don't have a PayPal account.
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